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Cornell University

Native and Invasive Plants

Plants found on this walk:

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Botanical NameCommon NameLocation
Ailanthus altissimaTree-of-Heaventree-icon on slope near Savage
Ailanthus altissimaTree-of-Heaventree-icon see map
Berberis thunbergiiJapanese Barberrytree-icon west courtyard of Plant Science in far corner
Celastrus orbiculatusChinese Bittersweettree-icon see map
Euonymus alatusWinged Euonymustree-icon Next to Malott
Euonymus alatusWinged Euonymustree-icon Behind Fernow
Euonymus fortuneiWintercreepertree-icon West side of conservatory greenhouse
Euonymus fortuneiWintercreepertree-icon see map
Frangula alnus (formerly Rhamnus frangula)Alder Buckthorntree-icon
Fraxinus pennsylvanicaGreen Ash; Red Ashtree-icon in woods edge off of the Mann Library addition
Hedera helixEnglish Ivytree-icon see map
Ligustrum obtusifoliumBorder Privettree-icon see map
Ligustrum obtusifoliumBorder Privettree-icon Hedge near big red Barn
Lindera benzoinSpicebushtree-icon Behind Warren on North side
Lindera benzoinSpicebushtree-icon see map
Lonicera tataricaTatarian Honeysuckletree-icon see map
Morus albaWhite Mulberrytree-icon
Ostrya virginianaHop Hornbeamtree-icon in Centennial Garden
Rhamnus catharticaCommon Buckthorntree-icon Invasives slope behind Rice
Rhus copallina ( Rhus coppalinum)Flameleaf Sumac, Shining Sumactree-icon Tower Rd Bioswale
Rhus typhinaStaghorn Sumactree-icon see map
Robinia pseudoacaciaBlack Locusttree-icon Behind Savage parking lot
Rosa multifloraMultiflora Rosetree-icon see map
Rosa multifloraMultiflora Rosetree-icon Near Carpinus in Boomerang landscape
Vitis spp.Grape, Fox Grape, Wild Grapetree-icon On invasive slope behind Fernow