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High pH

Plants found on this walk:

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Botanical NameCommon NameLocation
Aesculus hippocastanumCommon Horsechestnut; European Horsechestnuttree-icon see map
Aesculus x carneaRed Horsechestnuttree-icon At Roberts
Aralia spinosaDevil's Walkingstick; Hercules' Clubtree-icon in old Malott
Carpinus betulusEuropean Hornbeamtree-icon North side of Teagle
Carpinus carolinianaAmerican Hornbeam; Blue Beech; Ironwood; Musclewoodtree-icon see map
Carpinus carolinianaAmerican Hornbeam; Blue Beech; Ironwood; Musclewoodtree-icon On Garden Ave nr. ILR conference
Catalpa speciosaCatalpa; Indian Beantree-icon Behind Corson Mudd
Catalpa speciosaCatalpa; Indian Beantree-icon On north side of Roberts on quad side
Catalpa speciosaCatalpa; Indian Beantree-icon see map
Celtis occidentalisHackberry; Sugarberrytree-icon On west side of Bailey
Celtis occidentalisHackberry; Sugarberrytree-icon see map
Cercidiphyllum japonicumKatsuratree; Katsura Treetree-icon Near Mann
Cladrastis kentukeaYellowwoodtree-icon Near class of '35
Corylus colurnaTurkish Filbert; Turkish Hazeltree-icon Minns Garden
Hibiscus syriacusRose-of -Sharon; Shrub Althaeatree-icon Between Bailey and Savage
Parrotia persicaPersian Parrotiatree-icon In planter near Kennedy
Parthenocissus quinquefoliaVirginia Creepertree-icon Behind caldwell
Parthenocissus tricuspidataBoston Ivytree-icon Behind Caldwell
Populus tremuloidesQuaking Aspentree-icon see map
Tilia americanaAmerican Linden; Basswoodtree-icon see map
Tilia cordataLittleleaf Linden; Small-leaved Limetree-icon in front of Warren
Tilia tomentosaSilver Lindentree-icon see map
Ulmus glabraScotch Elm; Wych Elmtree-icon
Wisteria floribundaJapanese Wisteriatree-icon see map