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Cornell University

Rosaceous & Flowering Trees

Plants found on this walk:

Showing 1-16 of 16 items.
Botanical NameCommon NameLocation
Amelanchier spp.Serviceberry; Shadblow tree-icon Behind Warren Hall
Crataegus crus-galliCockspur Hawthorntree-icon see map
Crataegus phaenopyrumWashington Hawthorntree-icon see map
Crataegus viridis 'Winter King'Winter King Hawthorntree-icon see map
Heptacodium miconioidesSeven-Son Flowertree-icon on map 2x
Heptacodium miconioidesSeven-Son Flowertree-icon see map
Laburnum x watereriGoldenchain Treetree-icon see map
Malus spp.Flowering Crabappletree-icon In front of Trillium
Prunus cerasiferaCherry Plumtree-icon Behind Warren classroom
Prunus sargentiiSargent Cherrytree-icon see map
Prunus serotinaBlack Cherrytree-icon Behind Savage
Prunus serrulataJapanese Flowering Cherrytree-icon see map
Prunus subhirtellaHigan Cherrytree-icon see map
Sorbus alnifoliaKorean Mountain Ashtree-icon see map
Stewartia pseudocamelliaJapanese Stewartiatree-icon behind Warren
Stewartia pseudocamelliaJapanese Stewartiatree-icon see map